John Paul I Biblical Center


1. Internal situation:

Character : Biblical Center founded September 29, 1979

The Service Arm of the Northern Luzon Bishops in the Biblical Pastoral Ministry of Northern Philippines serving 14 Archdioceses, Dioceses and Apostolic Vicariates.

Contact Person : Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD (Director)

E-mail :

Personnel : Felicidad Perpetua J. Gines

Flordelis D. Dacquigan

Joel D. Bugtong

Zusan G. Asistin

Fax : [0063] (077) 722 2056 tele/fax (Mobile: +63 917 506 0753)

Postal address : John Paul I Biblical Center

Immaculate Conception School of Theology

2700 Vigan City, Philippines

2. Activities:

a. Formation:

Basic Bible Seminars, Bible Facilitators Seminar, Biblio-drama Workshops, Word Alive Biblical Institute (Training of Pastoral Leaders, Bible Animators, Ministers of the Word), Biblical Retreats and Recollections, Training of Seminarians for Biblical Pastoral Ministry, Diocesan Gospel Festivals, National Bible Week, National Bible Sunday, Diocesan Bible Workshops, Regional Bible Workshops.

b. Animation of Bible Groups:

  • Formation and training of Bible Sharing Groups (Basic Ecclesial Community based)
  • Formation and training of Bible Study Groups
  • Bible animators in Basic Ecclesial Communities
  • Lectio Divina – the Vigan method
  • Training of Ministers of the Word

3. Publications:

  • Books: Lectionaries in Local Ilocano Language (Year A, B &C)
  • Basic Bible Seminar Kit – Silver Jubilee Edition
  • Bible Facilitators’ Seminar
  • Bible Trainers Manual
  • Asia Oceania Biblical Congress (JPIBC Initiated the collection and binding of the proceedings and now on circulation after editing and printing by ECBA)
  • Proceedings of the 23rd Regional Biblical Workshop of Northern Luzon
  • Recollection and Retreat Manuals
  • Word Alive News Letter for Northern Luzon
  • Bible Enthronement Guides
  • Lectio Divina Guides

Printed Word Department

  • Word Alive Newsletter
  • Pamphlets
  • Brochures for Word Alive Biblical Institute
  • JPIBC Brochures
  • Lectio Divina materials and modules developed by WABI graduates
  • Bible Sharing Methods
  • Bible Enthronement Guides
  • Electronic materials
  • Slides Production for Biblical Studies
  • Power Point Biblical Related Productions
  • Biblical Songs in Tapes and Compact Disks
  • Electronic Media Production Center
  • Radio Program for the National Bible Week

4. Considerations:

a. Our main strength

  • JP1BC is the premier Biblical Center in the entire Philippines, all other regional centers now numbering at twelve followed years after the foundation of the center
  • Formation of Pastoral leaders and Ministers of the Word through the Word Alive Biblical Institute was faithfully offered every summer since 1991. Last year 2005 it was attended by one participant from
  • Full support from the Northern Luzon Bishops as the service arm of the Northern Luzon Commission of the Biblical Apostolate. Bishops are supporting the center morally and financially.
  • Committed staff of John Paul I Biblical Center serving until their retirement age. (At present, one is a pioneer and the other preparing for her retirement).
  • Active Participation and support of all the Archdiocesan, Diocesan, Vicariate Biblical Directors and Coordinators
  • Regular Meetings, workshops and conventions
  • Consistent Program and Implementation

b. Our main weakness

  • Funding of projects, programs and institute
  • Lack of bibles in indigenous translations
  • In need of experts in Biblical Pastoral Ministry

c. Our main need

  • Full time Director of the Biblical Center as he is at the same time the President of the Divine Word College of Vigan
  • More funds for our programs
  • Modernization of office equipments
  • Easy access to the Sacred Scriptures – funding for low cost bibles
  • Availability of Bibles in different translations for the different regional languages
  • More people to be involved in Local Bible Animation.

5. Priorities

  • Program of action and implementation on the FINAL STATEMENT of the Asia-Oceania Bible Congress, Southeast Asia Biblical Workshop, recommendation of the International Bible Congress in Rome in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Dei Verbum
  • Organizing the 23rd Regional Biblical Workshop for Northern Luzon
  • Meaningful distribution of BEC Bibles and the Youth Bibles in Local Language
  • Sustaining the Word Alive Regional Newsletter – modernization of office equipments
  • Developing and fortifying the electronic media production department – updating to cope up with information technology as channel for the spread of the Word (Evangelization)
  • Seperate Building for the John Paul I Biblical Center with Multi Purpose Rooms for the Word Alive Biblical Institute, Seminars and Workshops.
  • Continuation of Formation Programs for priests, seminarians, lay ministers of the Word and the realization of the recommendations of the Northern Luzon Bishops Forum.
  • Promotion of the Basic Bible Seminar in Silver Jubilee Edition

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