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From Hong Kong comes the good news that on July 15th, 2006 the 68th BBS was concluded with the staggering number of 138 participants, mostly Filipina workers. They sacrificed 5 free days to participate in this basic introduction to Scripture. The Hong Kong BBS team consists of Filipina workers, years ago inspired by a Filipina sister; the spiritual director is a missionary from Argentina and the guest of honor at the graduation was a Chinese lady. The above indicates a little of the journey of the Basic Bible seminar: who could have imagined this 25 years ago?

Originally a Filipina Benedictine sister conceived of the idea to get a seminar that would appeal to the grassroots and get them to love and read God’s Word. She got a German Divine Word Micopy-of-the-big-5.jpgssionary, a professional exegete, to write the four main conferences, already a collaborative effort. Then the journey started: from pilot groups to core teams in diverse places, all over the Philippines, ever more women and men, lovers of the Word, who contributed to perfect the Basic Bible Seminar.

As Scripture came into being through the faith experiences of countless people, and journeyed through many languages and persons to reach you and me, so in a similar journey the Basic Bible seminar came about and started its travel around the world, setting in many countries women and men on fire with the Word, inspired by the Spirit.

During the past 25 years thousands upon thousands of persons, in numerous countries, got to love the Word through the BBS, in a collaborative effort conveyed by committed women and men. In gratitude for those blessings we now present the SILVER edition of the BBS manual with the final words of the Preface of the first edition: We are convinced that “the word of God is active and alive” (Heb 4,12), “able to build (us) up and give (us) the blessings God has for all his People” (acts 20, 32).

Fr. Wim and Fr. Ludger



The Basic Bible Seminar is the fruit of the combined efforts of John Paul 1 Biblical Center, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur and the Lay Formation Center of Calapan, Oriental Mindoro. It has been tried out in two pilot groups (in Lalud, Calapan, Oriental Mindoro and in Pantay Fatima, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur), and has been written several times. After its completion on July 11, 1980, it was given to Parish Core Teams in the following Dioceses: Lingayen-Dagupan, Bangued, Iba, Laoag, Manila, Calapan, Nueva Segovia, Surigao, Imus and Davao. The Parish Core Teams in turn echoed it in their respective parishes.

An evaluation and revision workshop was held on August 28-31, 1981 with experienced Core Team members from Bangued, Iba, Lingayen-Dagupan and Nueva Segovia. The revised handbook in its present form is the fruit of this revision workshop.

In order to learn from the actual implementation of this handbook and to improve it further, John Paul 1 Biblical Center would like to stay in contact with the Parish/Diocese Core Teams. We would like to ask for a report after the seminar or a series of seminars have been given. A suggested format of the report can be found in the Appendix. All materials (English and Ilokano) consisting of handbooks, tapes of songs, certificates, power point productions, etc. are available at our Center. Our tribute of heartfelt gratitude goes to all the Bible Animators, Lay Ministers of the Word, the Trinitas Publishing Inc. and to all the generous people who in one way or another have contributed to the realization of this Silver Edition of the BBS.

John Paul I Biblical Center

23rd Regional Biblical Workshop for Northern Luzon



SPCIS Empowered by the Word

Sr. Marie Celine, SPC

High School Department

February 20 and 21, 2006 were days of spiritual enrichment and strengthening for us in SPCIS (St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur).  The staff of John Paul I Biblical Center headed by Fr. Dominador Ramos, SVD nourished us with the power of God’s WORD in the Bible through a Basic Bible Seminar.  Although the reading of the Holy bible during our daily Flag Ceremony as well as Bible sharing in groups for both teachers and students in our Drop Everything and Pray Activity (DEAP) have been for many years part of Paulinian culture, the seminar opened our eyes that we still lacked knowledge of the Word of God.

The seminar led many of us to discover that we do not really know yet the Holy Bible. It took us a long time to answer the questions on the Books of the Bible in the Bible Scanning activity.

The Lectio Divina Activity was very enriching also.  It led us to a prayerful and personal reflection on the Word of God-no intellectual reading and discussions but a real encounter with God’s Word in a prayerful and personal manner. We would like to adopt the activity for our DEAP.

The Bible Sharing Activity gave us the experience to look at our departmental and personal concerns in the light of the Word of God.  As groups, we renewed our commitment to prayer and to a regular sharing of the richness of God’s Word in our Department.

We love most the prayer dances.  They provided us with insights and reflections on our plight in this life as we journey towards our final goal, who is God.  We found these meaningful, most especially, when our facilitators explained the symbolisms of the movements in the dances.

We thank the JPI Biblical Center, the CEAP Nueva Segovia and our Sister President, Sr. Marie Celine Santos, SPC and our High School Principal, Sr. Cecilia Sto. Tomas, SPC for providing us the BBS Seminar.  We commit ourselves to make God’s Word continue to inspire us, enrich us, nourish us, and empower us to bring about transformation and renewal in our personal lives, in our families, in our school and in our larger community.

Grade School Department

The call of Catholic Schools to become channels of God’s Word for national renewal, transformation, unity and development was enthusiastically responded to by the cluster of educators of St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur,Benito
Academy and Immaculate Conception Minor Seminary through the Basic Bible Seminar held at SPCIS on February 20-21, 2006.

We truly appreciate the organizers.  It is a need for Catholic teachers to read the Bible regularly, experience the invisible presence of the Lord through His Word.  All of these are promises, which the participants feel they must be consistent in.

The sincerity and simplicity of the facilitators moved the participants to look at them as models to be emulated as well as channels of the binding power in building communities with Christ as the center, and with deepened Christian faith enriched through the Eucharist, Word of God and religious activities.

The more we know the scriptures, the more we know Christ.  With conviction of making the message of Christ from the Bible as our daily bread of life, we hope to bring closer our family members, our co-workers and our children to the Heavenly Creator.

Aside from having a Bible enthroned at a place of honor in our home, may there be one also in each classroom.  We hope to continue with our BEC in our Religion classes every Monday, and before every department meeting for the faculty members.  “We allow the word of Christ in all its richness to dwell in our hearts.”

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  1. Very good phrase

  2. I am bro. Jimmy Mayo former BEC director of Baguio city and have work together with Sr. Beata Balaso giving BBS in Baguio and Benguet,but now i am in Hanford,California and active in the parish and I would like to introduce BBS in our parish but i was not able to bring with me my BBS kit so i need a bbs bok to start with so if any one can send me one i would be address 1865 idlewood circle,Hanford,California,USA 93230
    many thanks and God bless us always,

    n.b.any expense be sending to any bank account i could send.

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