Religious Myspace CommentsHAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY

The John Paul I Biblical Center is a real blessing to the Northern Luzon Church in the Biblical Pastoral Ministry…the pioneer biblical center in the whole archipelago and an icon in Southeast Asia in doing Biblical Apostolate. We thank the Incarnate Word with our hearts on fire for gifting us with the JPIBC remembering the founders with happy memories Sr. Henrietta Sebastian, OSB our beloved Fr. Ludger Feldkaemper, SVD and the directors that served the center: Fr. Wim Wijtten, SVD, Fr. Oscar Alunday, SVD, Fr. Manolito Barona, SVD, Fr. Dominador Ramos, SVD and Fr. Jaimelito Gealan, SVD.


2 Responses

  1. Hello Fr. Oscar, Fr. Doms, Fr. Jaimelito, & the rest of the people behind the JP1BC!


    Congratulations on your milestone of doing great things for God thru His Word!

    With Prayers In behalf of the Institute for Pastoral Development,


  2. hello

    congratulations to jpibc for its 30th year! do you still have WABI every summer?

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