May They Be One (MTBO) Bible Campaign Guidelines

MTBO is a strategic program aimed to help ECBA and PBS realize the vision of a transformed Philippines through God’s Word. It is inspired by the 12th Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops held in Rome on October 5-26, 2008, which had as its theme, The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church.

Objective: To provide Scriptures at subsidized cost that will help facilitate a moral and spiritual transformation

throughout the country.

Three components to implement the Bible campaign programs through the 12 Regional Biblical Centers, Dioceses and Parishes:

  1. Bible Advocacy/Biblical Pastoral Formation – Encourage Filipinos to read, study, understand, pray and live God’s Word
  1. Cast the vision and revisit Parishes, Dioceses, and Regional BA. The key to the success of MTBO is the support of Bishops and Priests – they must appreciate that:
  1. MTBO is not just about Bible distribution but it involves Biblical Pastoral formation;
  2. MTBO is a response to the Synod of Bishops’ emphasis on Bible formation among clergy and laity – that the Bishops’ Synod is our ‘Kairos’;
  3. The end of MTBO is not just ecumenism or unity of Christians but national transformation. To bring to Filipinos knowledge about the Lord Jesus and inculcate in them biblical values, resulting to change and a move toward a ‘Moral Philippines.’ Unity is necessary for a good citizenry— to have ‘Pagkakaisa para sa Pagbabago.’
  4. The Word of God is unparalleled as a set of principles that when adhered to will help renew our country.
  1. MTBO Bible Recipients: ECBA and other ecclesial communities/organizations need to commit themselves to:
  1. Make the Bibles available to poor families for P50/copy
  2. Not resell the Bibles
  3. Give all Bible recipients Bible formation/training
  4. Help recipients and family members grow in their knowledge and relationship with the Lord Jesus and mature in their faith.

Recipients will work with ECBA and PBS to:

  1. Submit reports of the distribution, follow-up activities and brief written testimonials/stories of changed lives and 2-3 photos of distribution/follow-up activities.
  2. Mobilize parishioners, BEC members and friends to promote, pray, volunteer and give to MTBO for the continuous meaningful distribution of God’s Word.
  3. Conduct continuing or regular Bible formation program(s) for their respective constituencies based on Scripture in order to animate the Filipinos.
  1. Bible Distribution – Provide 5 million Bibles in 5 years to homes, particularly of poor Filipinos.
  1. i.            Work through the 12 Regional Biblical Centers, Dioceses and Parishes using the ECBA structure.
    1. Diocesan Biblical Apostolate (BA) will be strengthened. BA is composed of Bible Director, Bible Coordinator, Bible Animator, and Bible Core Team. If a BA team is not in place, form a Parish Bible Ministry Team.
    2. MTBO Bible Campaign will not be exclusive to the BA structure. For other diocesan and parish lay organizations, their requests will be endorsed by the head/coordinator of the organization to the Parish Priest or Bishop.
  1. ii.            A prescribed form detailing the structure of the Parish Bible Ministry/Bible Team (Bible Formator/Animator) must be accomplished and submitted by the Parishes to ECBA/PBS prior to actual distribution. The number of copies of MTBO Bibles that can be availed of will be dependent on the number of registered poor families. All requests to avail of MTBO Bibles will have to be endorsed by a Parish Priest or Bishop.
  1. iii.            Every year, pre-identified Dioceses from NCR, Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, Cordillera and ARMM will be covered.
  1. iv.            Emphasis is on Bible distribution to poor families attending Formation. Poor individuals/families who will receive MTBO Bibles must be pre-identified at the parish level.
  1. v.            MTBO Bibles will not be sold in commercially in secular and religious bookstores.
  1. vi. Steps to avail of MTBO Bibles:
    1. Parish/Church must prepare letter of request (addressed to ECBA), together with their distribution plan, list of recipients, and schedule of follow-up/formation plan.
    2. Request must pass through the Diocesan Bible Director for endorsement.
    3. Submission to ECBA for approval.
    4. Orders will only be processed and served by PBS upon receipt of payment and approval from ECBA.
    5. Delivery time is 3-4 days for stocks that will be picked up at the PBS office/warehouse.  For provincial orders, allot at least 7 working days from date of approval of the order.
    6. Signing of Covenant.  An agreement specifying that Bibles will be given to poor families only, will not be resold, and that Bible recipients will be provided Bible formation/training must be signed by requesting party.
    7. Institute a continuing Bible Formation program.
    8. Submit periodic reports and updates with photos and testimonies.
  1. vii.            MTBO Bibles will be made available at a subsidized price of P50@copy. Total production cost is P150@copy thus a P100 subsidy per copy is needed. This will be sourced from various fundraising activities.
  1. viii.            PBS will shoulder freight cost if total order is P10,000 and above. The Parish/Church will shoulder the freight cost for orders below P10,000.
  1. Fundraising – Raise P500 million, here and abroad, to subsidize the printing and distribution of Scriptures in the local languages. The goal is to raise sufficient funds to enable at least 5 million Bibles to be printed and sold at the subsidized price of P50 each. Total production cost per Bible is P150.
  1. Encourage ECBA and PBS partners and friends throughout the country to sign up for a nationwide donor loyalty program with the theme – “Become a Friend of the Philippine Bible Society and Help Put a Bible in Every Home.” This may be done via:
  1. Response forms in Catholic Daily Bible Reading Guide
  2. Appeal envelopes/Sign-up forms to be made available in Parishes (pews/offices), as inserts in Bibles, Christian/secular magazines and newspapers, CBCP Monitor, etc
  3. Signing-up at the website of ECBA (, PBS (, website, blogs, other links
  1. Twining Program (church-adopt-a poor church, corporation adopt a poor church/barangay, school-adopt-a poor school, etc.)
  1. Radio-TV campaign, Bible Caravan, Walk/Bike for Bible, etc. (during summer/National Bible Week/Month)
  1. Organize Fundraising Dinners, Movie Benefit shows, etc.
  1. Presentation in churches, corporations, groups of prospective donors, etc.
  1. Sign-up as MTBO volunteer – thru Regional Bible Center/PBS and organize other appropriate fundraising activities using MTBO resource materials

Mga karaniwang tanong tungkol sa MTBO

Tanong:  Ano ang MTBO?

Sagot:  Ang MTBO ay isang programang tinataguyod ng ECBA at PBS

Tanong: Ano ang layunin ng MTBO?

Sagot: Layunin ng MTBO na magkaisa ang mga Cristiano sa pagpapalaganap ng Salita ng Diyos tungo sa pagbabago ng lipunan bilang tugon sa dalangin ni Jesus na, “Maging isa nawa silang lahat, Ama.” (Juan 17:21)

Tanong:  Paano maisasakatuparan ang programang ito?

Sagot:  Makapagpalimbag ng  limang milyong Biblia sa loob ng  limang taon. Maipamahagi ang mga Bibliang ito sa murang halaga at magkaroon ng mahalagang pag-aaral at pagbabahaginan ng Salita ng Diyos sa mga parokya at iba’t ibang sekta ng lipunan.

Tanong: Sino ang mga dapat makibahagi sa programang ito?


  1. Mga taong may puso at kakayahang magbigay para mapunuan ang kaukulang halaga sa pagpapalimbag ng murang Biblia.
  2. Mga pamilyang walang kakayahang bumili ng Biblia sa regular na halaga ngunit nais makibahagi sa mga programang magpalaganap ng Salita ng Diyos sa pamamagitan ng pag-aaral, pagsasabuhay, at pagbabahagi nito.

Ang MTBO Bible ay:

  1. Murang Biblia para sa mga walang kakayahang bumili ng Biblia sa regular na halaga.
  2. Biblia para sa mga taong seryoso sa pag-aaral ng Salita ng Diyos.
  3. Tanging para sa mga taong dumadalo ng Formation sa kanilang simbahan.
  4. Biblia na ipamamahagi sa pamamagitan ng lokal na simbahan.

Mga hakbang sa pag-sali sa MTBO program

  1. Manggagaling sa mga parokya (parishes) ang listahan ng mga karapat-dapat na tumanggap.
  2. Ang listahan ay ieendorso sa ECBA ng Diocesan Bible Director.
  3. Ang ECBA ang magbibigay ng approval para makasama sa programa at makabili  ng murang Biblia.
  4. Ipapadala ng PBS ang mga Biblia matapos na matanggap ang approval mula sa ECBA at matanggap ang bayad mula sa parokya.
  5. Patuloy ang pagsasagawa  ng Bible formation sa mga parokya.
  6. Pagbibigay ng report at litrato ng Bible distribution at formation gamit ang mga Biblia.



Words & music by Fr. Carlo Magno Marcelo

How wonderful it is!

How beautiful it is!

How good and how pleasant

When all of us live as one!

Can you imagine all as neighbors reaching out to love?

Can you imagine all like children humble yet brave enough

to believe and act God’s Word that will bring a change in our world ?

We take a step to begin now!  Can you imagine?

Let us bring the Word of God to every home!

Let us share and live God’s Word and be transformed!

We will build our nation on good ground.

We will see a brand new morn!

Let us bring the Word of God to every home!

We will fulfill Jesus’ prayer: “May they be one!”

We will see how peace will flow throughout our land!

Now is the time to take a step.

We believe, now love is born!

Let us bring the Word of God to every home!


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