The John Paul I Biblical Center (JP1BC) in cooperation with the Regional Youth Coordinating Council (RYCC) of Northern Luzon held the first Regional Hearts on Fire with the theme: “Young Missionaries… share the Word.”

hof-1It is the laboratory of all learned and acquired knowledge, skill, and characters in the organizations from the different Dioceses, Schools and Parishes. It is an avenue that provides in-school and out-of-school youth opportunities to improve their spiritual, physical, moral, intellectual and social well-being. It serves as a means to promote the Bible as the youth’s guide in their daily life.

The objectives of the Summer Youth Bible Camp are: to provide venue and opportunity for friendship and solidarity among the student-catechists, biblical animators, youth leaders and liturgical ministers in Northern Luzon; to enhance and intensify the basic formation on Liturgy, Sacred Scriptures, Human Relationships, Leadership Skills and Contextualized Catechesis; to enhance appreciation on one’s mission of being an agent of renewed evangelization and social transformation; to set one’s heart on fire with and through the Good News in the community where one is sent.

hof-2This year’s Hearts on Fire (Summer Youth Bible Camp) with the theme “Young Missionaries…Share the Word” was hosted by St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish, Penarrubia, Abra whose Parish Priest is Rev. Fr. Efren C. Ambre.

The Region’s young and promising Youth leaders completed the one week convention, gathering and formation to receive the full syllabus of the said event. Each day, different sessions and activities were given by well-versed and efficient facilitators. Some sessions and activities were done in smaller groups so the big group was divided into five clusters, namely: Amos, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Jonah and Isaiah.

hof-3Each sessions or activities which the participant went through were rooted on the Bible. Yet, it already has a modern and youthful approach. In every session, activities always follow, and the deepening of what was being discussed had a touch of personal encounter, that the Word was always at work. The following were the sessions and activities of the said camp: The Call and Formation of YMS; Solidarity Meal; Mandala, Prayer Partners; Torah…Journey with the Word; The Bible as our Book; My Biblical Character; Bible as our Love Story; Our Love Story with God; Monk’s Meal; Circles of Love; My love Story with God; Bible Sharing; Prophets…Witness to the Word; Vignette; Writings… Share the Word; My Psalm; Taize Experience; Seder Meal; Passing Over, The Whole Experience of Exodus; Creative Biblical Activities for Children and Youth; Biblical Newspapers’ Figurines; Sensitivity Meal; Meditation on Fire; Marian Catechism; Sunday Catechism (Pauline); Cultural Night and Panagyaman.

hof-6A total of 130 participants took part in this momentous event. The Arch/Dioceses and Schools who participated were: Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia; Diocese of Bangued; Diocese of Bayombong; Diocese of Ilagan; Diocese of San Fernando de La Union; Diocese of Laoag; Diocese of Urdaneta; Apostolic Vicariate of Bontok-Lagawe; Divine Word College of Vigan; Divine Word High School, Dana-ili, Abulog, Cagayan and Academy of Saint Joseph, Claveria, Cagayan.

hof-7May this week-long journey with the word serve as a guiding map to our youth. With this event we hope that the Word of God may keep on burning the hearts of the youth that in turn this will serve as their engine to heat the hearts of the many. This lifetime aim as we see must start now and must be an unending journey towards its fullness. The Word will indeed keep on hunting our hearts that in won’t stop until our hearts is burning.

May the heart of Jesus live in the hearts of all.


By Roberto Custodio, Jr.

Hearts on Fire ‘09

Summer Youth Bible Camp


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