Fr. Oscar Alunday, SVD



 May they be one ”.   This is the theme of the National Bible Week (Jan. 19-25 2009) inspired by Ps 133:1 and Jn 17:21.  We are one with the whole Church in celebrating the Pauline Jubilee Year.  We declare like  St Paul,  “I am not ashamed of the Gospel. It is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: (Rom 1:16a)  In response to the Holy Father’s desire for a solemn celebration of the Jubilee Year,  we shall have a daily continuous oral reading (COR) of the letters of St Paul (Romans to Hebrews) during the Bible Week. Kindly organize the COR (3-5 min. daily) at your most convenient time in the family (after meals), in the school (flag ceremony), in the basic ecclesial communities (gospel sharing), in religious communities / seminaries (common prayers) and in the parish community (meetings). Continue the oral reading (Lectio) in a  meditative way (Meditatio) and deepen it by contemplating the texts  (Contemplatio). Close the experience with a prayer (Oratio) based on the readings with a corresponding commitment to action (Actio) as a response to the challenges of the Word of God.  The national bible week will be a Lectio Divina week with the daily COR.



During the Bible Week, create occasions for prayer and work for Christian unity and communion.  May they be one (MTBO) is also our prayer as we work and join the five-year Nationwide Campaign (2009-2013) – “to put a Bible in every home and encourage Filipinos to read and live the Bible resulting in the transformation of the Philippines ”. Read the last page of the Catholic Daily Bible Reading Guide (CDBRG) for the mechanics of the MTBO project.  Distribute and explain the CDBRG  and encourage partners to join the “May they be One” Bible Campaign so that we can bring a Bible to every home.

Yes, may we be one!

 In the Living Word,

Fr. Oscar Alunday, SVD


 Download the letter document in jpeg format:




National Bible Week 2009

Jan. 19 (Mon)

Family Bible Enthronement in the Parish with COR


Jan. 20 (Tue)

School Bible Enthronment in classrooms/offices with COR 

Jan. 21 (Wed)

Gospel Sharing in BECs, classrooms, offices wt COR


Jan. 22 (Thu)

Bible Anime texting – text BIBLIYA space ON send to 286 (Smart wt MMS only)  or text biblical verses  on Unity and Communion; radio interview & testimony on Unity and Communion

Jan. 23 (Fri)

Bible Festival in schools (bible quiz, bible parade, biblical dance, songs etc.)


Jan. 24 (Sat)

House visitation/distribution promotion of CDBRG and MTBO bible campaign, share a Bible; Bible Symposium on theme; Bible Study in BECs

Jan. 25 (Sun)

National Bible Sunday

Conversion of St. Paul

Bible Parade – Bible Festival in Parish , BECs  focusing on Unity and Communion, Parish Family Bible Quiz, Watch live the Bible Sunday Celebration in Araneta Coliseum over     CH 2 ABS-CBN from 9 am – 1 pm





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