Keep Fr. Doms, we pray dearest Lord

Keep him, for he is Yours

Your priest whose life burn out before

Your sacred shrine

Keep him for he is in this world

Though from the world apart

When earthly pleasures temp, allure,

Shelter him in Your heart

Keep him, and comfort him in hours

Of loneliness and pain,

When all his life of sacrifice

For souls seem but in vain.

Keep him, and O remember Lord

He has no one but You

Yet he has only human heart

With human frailty.

Keep him as spotless as the Host

That daily he caress

His every thought, and word, and deed,

Deign, dearest Lord, to bless. Amen


From: The Director and staff

          John Paul I Biblical Center




“A hearty congratulations to the Jubilarians, the PARACLETE group especially to Apo Doms. Continue to be a blessing to all. More power!


Sr. Theogenia

Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Vigan City




Dear Doms,

Congratulations, Doms, at your silver priestly anniversary.

I join you in thanking the Lord for the gift of these 25 years in his service.

I thank the Lord for all the persons who accompanied you during these past 25 years.

How many people were blessed in their encounter with you? profound reasons to give thanks.

I wish you grateful and joyful celebrations.

Be assured of my special prayer these days, starting now: prayer of thanksgiving and prayer of intercession for God’s continued blessing on your life and ministry.

 Together on the way!







Fr. Doms on the occasion of the 25th Sacerdotal Anniversary, it is very fitting to greet you with sincere and warm CONGRATULATIONS for being an icon of a WORD ALIVE in the lives of so many, I’m one of them

Giving yourself in the service of the Lord as priest is total denial of your wants and of this world and this generosity is sustained for 25 years now. You are one of the chosen few among many who are called.

Holding on and showing the way to the lost, touching the haughty, caring for the needy are just few among those which we will cherish in you, though you may not remember all those spontaneous kind of acts you extended to many. Your insistence of using the now available advance technology in showing the richness of the WORD is so inspiring. To the little detail of what the John Paul I Biblical Center do is now accessible to the world, one which the center is indebted to you. Thank you so much Father. May the Lord be in all that you have done and in all that you will do yet in the service of His people and of His Church. Again, my warm greetings!

Grace R. Fiesta




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