The triumphant entry of Jesus to Jerusalem came into life this morning commemorated by the resize-of-dscn0152.jpg“physically challenged” beloved sons and daughters of the Lord in a meaningful and prayerful manner as the community entered into the observance of the Paschal Mystery of the Suffering Word this Holy Week 2008.

 The celebration of the Passion Sunday started with the blessing of the palms remembering that jubilant entrance of Jesus into the Holy City when He at this time was not riding on an animal but on a wheel chair in a Home Without Stairways (Tahanang Walang Hagdnan) in a World Heritage City of Vigan. Fr. Dameanus Abun, SVD of Indonesia led the celebration assisted by Sr. Theo Magallanes, OSB the missionary to TWH and guest Madam Edith Gremlich of Switzerland. The celebration of the Word was focused on the solemn “dramatized” bbs-twh_4.jpgreading of the Passion according to St. John. The much improved reading of the Sacred Scripture carried the spirit and learnings of the members of the community during their (BBS) Basic Bible Seminar conducted by the staff of the JPIBC years ago together with Ms. Bernadette of China. The celebration continued and was highlighted with the Breaking of the Bread towards the community table of sharing “Pan de Sal” the main meager breakfast.

Together the community reflected on the Paschal Mystery with a deepened realization that the real joy of Easter will only be experienced by them if TOGETHER they journey with the Word in the mystery of His life, passion, crucifixion, death and resurrection. Observing the discipline of lent and holy week towards renewal of faith one has to do penance, work of charity and sincere prayers even on a wheel chair. By then, together with all the “physically challenged” around the world we look forward to join the whole Christendom to celebrate the Joy of Easter as the journey of the whole community TOGETHER will continue until that final victorious entry to the Eternal City where wheel chairs are “no more”. resize-of-dscn0160.jpgresize-of-dscn0160.jpgresize-of-dscn0160.jpg

To everyone… to all Witness to the Word… A HAPPY EASTER!






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