On this feast of the Baptism of the Lord we greet joyfully Ms. Flordelis Daquigan on her birthday. We join her in prayer and in thanking the Lord for the gift of life. Happy birthday Manang Flor!


Flordelis D. Dacquigan, JPIBC


 St. Augustin, 12 January, 2008 

Dear Flor,  

Since you, together with Zusan, will be joining Fr. Doms in the Eucharistic celebration in Tamurong, Caoayan for Sunday and thanksgiving mass tomorrow on your birthday, I take advantage of this to send you my note of congratulations through him.  Needless to say, in our Eucharist here – starting 4:15 p.m. your time – I will remember you in a special way as well – giving thanks to the Lord for His gifts of life, faith and dedication to the Word to you.

Well, it so happens that your birthday this time falls on the feast of the Baptism of our Lord which, of course, makes us recall and celebrate our own baptism. The word from above: “You are my beloved Son” is addressed through the Son to each and every one of us: “You are my beloved child, daughter, son…” I have long been convinced that the whole gospel is contained in these few words. And Jesus’ mission started there. And so does ours. Thus, I think, it is a beautiful coincidence that on this day you – and so many others with you – thank the Lord of this triple gift.  

Since this may be your last birthday as a staff member of JPIBC I would like to thank you also wholeheartedly for your many years of dedicated service in the Center. It is true, you joined the staff only after I had left, but if I am not mistaken we had met already before when you were still a catechist in Cagayan. And then, of course, I remember you as participant in the DEI VERBUM Course of Nemi. Was it 20 years ago? In fact, the picture of your group together with John Paul II in Castel Gandolfo is part of my picture gallery! 

Looking back at the history of JPIBC – which may take a different turn soon, as you know – I have always maintained: the Center would not have become a source of God’s blessings for many people within and beyond the Philippines, had God not blessed the Center first with a dedicated staff. Maybe the names of the directors are mentioned more often since the nature of their responsibility puts them more in the limelight, but their work would not have been possible without that of the staff. Anybody who has some insight cannot but agree with that.  

Dear Flor, the Lord has given you a golden opportunity to live your life and your faith and you have made the best out of it. Thanks to HIM and thanks to you. I trust that even after your eventual departure from JPIBC and the Center’s departure from the SVD we will remain in touch, at least through being united in prayer. 

 In this sense, very sincerely “happy birthday”  

Apo Ludger  with Apo Wim… Apo George… Fely, Zusan, Joel, Fr. Doms, the SVDs and the whole Northern Luzon Biblical Apostolate family







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