Training Module for Parish Formation Teams for the Diocese of Urdaneta


The Vicar General of the Diocese of Urdaneta Rev. Msgr. Larry Hortaleza reviewed the Vision-Mission-Goal of the Diocese with the participants of the “Training Module for Parish Formation Teams Workshop Seminar” last Saturday, November 10, 2007 at the Pope John Paul II Pastoral Center in Urdaneta City. The review of the VMG of the diocese challenged the participants to rally forward towards the realization of the dream of the diocese through this workshop seminar designed and conducted by the staff of the John Paul I Biblical Center for Northern Luzon. The module bears its noble objectives: Continues biblical formation for parish formation team members and to prepare for the hosting of the 23rd Regional Workshop for the Biblical Apostolate in Northern Luzon next year.

The on-going workshop-seminar designed for the diocese is scheduled for two weekends; the first was last November 9-11 and the next will be on November 16-18, 2007. At the end of the two week end training seminar the participants shall be able:

  1. to deepen appreciation on the role of and love for the printed word of God;

  2. to be clarified on the specific role of the printed word of God in the life and ministry of the local church of Urdaneta;

  3. to equip themselves with basic facilitating skills for both big and small groups;

  4. to acquire basic tools to develop biblical spirituality;

  5. to pledge their committment (as individuals and as parish core team members) towards the realization of the vision and mission of the diocese;

  6. to experience preparation of materials for their ministry


    A Christ-Centered

    Community of Disciples

    Rooted in the Word of God

    Nourished by the Eucharist and the Sacraments

    Inspired by the Holy Spirit

    And Witnessing to a Life of Justice, Peace and Love

    With Sincere Concern for the Poor and God’s Creation

    Under the Patronage of the Blessed Mother.


    We, The People of God

    In the Diocese of Urdaneta

    Commit Ourselves

    To a Renewed Integral Evangelization

    Leading to a Life of

    Prayer and Discernment

    Solidarity and Harmony

    Compassion for the Poor

    While Fostering

    Participation, Life Witness

    Respect for Human Life and Rights

    And Responsible Stewardship of God’s Creation.

       I.                   SUB-PROBLEMS                                                                                                   1.      Systematization

    The shortage of qualified personnel, both clergy and lay, and undefined/unclear roles and policies result in ineffective organization set-up and uncoordinated pastoral action in the Diocese; financial constraints also hamper the pastoral efforts of the Diocese.

     2.      Compatibility

    The Diocese has not fully responded to the needs of its people because it operates with a limited number of priests leaving them with too many responsibilities both in their parishes and office (diocesan) assignments even as it struggles with a limited source of funds thus hindering the full implementation of its pastoral programs including the recruitment, training and formation of lay personnel.

     3.      Wholeness

    The development of the Diocese towards being a Christ-centered community living in solidarity and harmony is hampered inadequate guidelines and clear-cut policies; weak motivation of the members of pastoral commissions, ministries, movements and apostolates; priests and lay leaders working on their own; disharmony of relationship among Bishop, priests and lay; limited finances also affect its pastoral effectiveness.

     II.                THE ROOT PROBLEM 

    The growth and development of the Diocese is slow due to unclear direction, weak attempts and commitments, and personal and organizational limitations.

      III.             PRIORITY NEEDS

    ·        Renewed Integral Evangelization

    ·        Competent and Committed Priests and Lay Leaders

    ·        Functional and Effective Structure

    ·        Solidarity and Harmony among the People of God

    ·        Financial Stability

     IV.              GOAL

    To intensify

    Spiritual Growth and Pastoral Development

    Of the Diocese as

    A Christ-centered

    Community of Disciples

     V.                 OBJECTIVES

    ·        Embarking on a Renewed Integral Evangelization

    ·        Ebabling Competent and Committed Priests and Lay Leaders

    ·        Enabling Functional and Effective Structure

    ·        Enabling Solidarity and Harmony

    ·        Enabling Financial Stability





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