Summer Youth Bible Camp

Our Lady of Fatima Parish

Burgos, La Union 9-15 April 2007

Theme: YOUNG MISSIONARIES…Journey with the WORD!


1.      To provide venue and opportunity for the-young-missionaries.jpgfriendship and solidarity among the students, youth leaders, young catechists and biblical animators in Our Lady of Fatima Parish (Diocese of San Fernando of La Union).

2.      To enhance the formation received on Liturgy, Sacred Scriptures, Human Relationships, Leadership Skills and Contextualized Catechesis.

3.      To provide input on the youth’s awareness of being agents of renewed evangelization, inculturation and social transformation.

4.      To give appreciation on one’s mission of being agents of renewed evangelization and social transformation.

5.      To set one’s heart on fire with, in and through the Good News in the community where one is sent.  

Day 1 – GENESIS – Young Missionaries in Journey!

On that same day two disciples of Jesus were going to a village named Emmaus” (Luke 24:13)

08:00-10:00                   – Arrival & Registration

10:00-12:00                   – Opening Program & Presentation of Participants

                                    – “Enas MithosOpening Mass & Bible Enthronement

                                    – “Pilgrim Dance

12:00-13:00                   – Lunch Break                                   

                                    Bible Reading before & after meals

13:00-18:00                   Bible Scanning & Bibliodrama Experience

18:00-19:00                   Mandala Orientation                                   

                                    Introduction of Prayer Partners (start of a Journey w/a Partner)

19:00-20:00                   – Supper

20:00-22:00                   Circles of Love – “Misericordias

Ø      Recall the start of your journey. What were your personal desires? Hopes? How do you see them now?”” 

Day 2 – EXODUS – Young Missionaries in Freedom!

They stood still with sad faces.” (Luke 24:17)

02:00-06:00                   Exodus Walk & Sharing – “Talitha Kumi

06:00-07:00                   Holy Eucharist & Renewal of Baptism

07:00-08:00                   – Breakfast

08:00-12:00                   – Rest

12:00-14:00                   – Lunch BreakLight Moments (Singing Practice, Animations, Rdgs of Notes…)

14:00-18:00                   A Call to be Disciple of the Word

18:00-19:00                   Taize Experience – “O Signore Fa Di Me

19:00-20:00                   – Monks’ Meal

20:00-22:00                   Stargazing

Ø      Remember some moments of sadness, frustrations, doubts, questions in your journey. How did you handle them? What do these moments say about you? 

Day 3 – LEVITICUS – Young Missionaries in Prayer!

And Jesus explained to them what was said about himself in all the Scriptures, beginning with the books of Moses and the writings of all the prophets.” (Luke 24:27)

08:00-08:30                   Morning Praise – “4 Elements

08:30-12:00                   A Closer Look on Liturgy

12:00-14:00                   – Lunch Break

14:00-18:00                   Psalm 8 – with Vignette on different verses

18:00-19:00                   Holy Eucharist with 4 Elements

19:00-20:00                   – Sensitivity Meal

20:00-22:00                   Meditation of Fire – “Kyrie

Ø      What words of Scriptures became the light, life and strength for you in your journey? 

Day 4 – NUMBERS – Young Missionaries in Community!

He sat down with them, took the bread & said the blessing then he broke the bread and gave it to them.” (Luke 24:30)

08:00-08:30                   Morning Praise – “Talitha Kumi

08:30-12:00                   Workshops on: Dance, Sing & Trimedia with the WORD

12:00-14:00                   – Lunch Break

14:00-16:00                   Pay It Forward

16:00-17:30                   Holy Eucharist with Lectio Divina

17:30-19:00                   – Preparation for the Evening Program

19:00-20:00                   – Seder Meal

20:00-22:00                   Memory Recall Celebrations  – Revelation of Prayer Partners

Ø      In your following of Jesus, what aspects of his life and mission are you called to identify more with? 

Day 5 – DEUTERONOMY – Young Missionaries in Discernment!

Then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him.” (Luke 24:31)

05:30-06:00                   – Rising – “Dance of the Elms

06:00-07:00                   Morning Praise

07:00-08:00                   – Breakfast

08:00-12:00                   – Evaluation & Planning

12:00-14:00                   – Lunch Break14:00-16:00                  

                                    Send-Off Mass

– Home Sweet Home

Ø       In your life and ministry, what have you recognized as the Triune God’s presence, action & love?

Shared by:

 Fr. Nilo Gealan,SVD


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