“Moving Forward with the Word” was the battlecry of the 1st SVD-PHimg_1482.jpgN Cagayan District Bible Youth Camp celebrated on February 9-10, 2007 in Dana-ili, Abulug, Cagayan atteded by hundreds of youth from six private and public schools together: the Academy of St. Joseph of Claveria, the Claveria School of Arts and Trade, Divine Word High School of Sanchez-Mira, the Pamplona Institute, Libertad National High School and the host school the Divine Word High School of Dana-ili. The program includes the following:

(Feb.9 – Friday) 

Part I: Dance Drama

Part II: Original Gospel Music Composition

(Feb.10 – Saturday)

Part III: Celebration of the Word and the Eucharist

Part IV: Bible Parade

Part V: Poster Making Contest

Part VI: Bible Quiz Bee

Part VII: Announcement and Awarding of Winners

The Bible Youth Camp was organized by the Biblical Commission of the SVD Cagayan District headed by the district coordinator Fr. Nicandro Vergara, SVD with the director and staff of the John Paul I Biblical Center as panel of judges in all the contests. Fr. Jerome Adriatico the provincial superior of PHN challenged the youth participants to be instruments of God’s Word, companions of the Word moving forward towards total and integral development – the Dance Drama portrayed at first the desperate situation in the world of the youth who are victims of injustices, manipulation, atrocities, abuse… the feeling of helplessness is inevitable then comes the Word that gives hope, the life-giving power that inspires the youth to move forward.img_1509.JPG

In the Youth Bible Camp the Sacred Scripture is introduced to the youth in a most acceptable manner, like the mystery of incarnation happening again when the Word joins with them in their journey and struggle in life. Inspired with the Word they were able to compose original Gospel Songs the songs that led them to the streets in a bible parade waving flags and placards bearing their favorite bible passages. The Word is really Alive in the youth and with the youth when biblical posters come out from their young minds right before our eyes unfolding the beauty of God’s message in the form of art. The Bible Quiz Bee was the most exciting part of the Youth Bible Camp when the youth displayed their ability and mastery on the Sacred Scriptures specially on the Gospel of Mark and the Letter of Paul to the Ephesians, such knowledge that could challenge their teachers, parents, friends, guests and even the ministers who were present. One could observe during the bible camp on how the youth were evangelizing the youth… the most effective evangelizers of the youth indeed, are the youth themselves as they move forward with the Word!

Fr. Nick Vergara, SVD

District Bible Coordinator


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