The theme for this year’s National Bible Week inspired Mr. Charles Javier the principal of the Holy Spirit Academy of Bangued and the Lay Coordinator of the Diocesan Biblical Apostolate ofBiblical Exhibits Bangued to launch a unique diocesan biblical exhibit at the auditorium of the Holy Spirit Academy. The biblical exhibit brings one and all to read the whole sacred scriptures in myriad creative ways from biblical maps, bible story telling, bible picture story, pop-up art, cut-out biblical story, operatta, opera, tableu, biblical shadow play, passion play or cenaculo, pantomime, biblical mime, biblical act-it-out, biblical games, biblical trivia, biblical riddles, biblical songs, biblical flash cards, writing boards, meta play, accordion flip chart, carton TV, biblical newspaper figurines, biblical figurines diorama, biblical dolls, biblical cut-out diorama, biblical posters and cloths, montague and collage, recycling art work, marionette puppets, hand puppets, biblical scenes and figures, origami on creation and Noah’s story, biblical bookmarks, flaglets, biblical papaer mache figures, biblical anecdotes etc. etc. etc…

biblical-exhibits-10.JPGThe heart of the biblical exhibit was the enthroned bible surrounded with beautiful flowers, lighted candles, indigenous materials and a mini landscape. The exhibit appeared to be the summary of the Biblical Apostolate of Charles Javier who is becoming more and more in demand in giving lectures and workshops on CREATIVE BIBLICAL ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREAN AND YOUTH not only in the Philippines but througout Asia-Oceania. His lectures and workshops were delivered during the National Workshop in Bontoc and the 23rd Regional Biblical Workshop for Northern Luzon.

This exhibit is a must for all biblical animators for an exciting preaching, sharing of the Word Alive… The Hearts on Fire Gospel Festival will be celebrated this coming Sunday February 11. The staff of the John Paul I Biblical Center for Northern Luzon will be privileged to witness the Gospel Festival.

Alive in the Word,



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